Innovative Recycling

The project "INNOVATIVE RECYCLING" aims to raise pupils' awareness of climate and environmental issues. It will also provide increased knowledge about how each person can make a difference, which in turn will give the pupils greater faith in their future. We do this with the help of knowledge about how we innovatively use the earth's existing materials to create new products. Entrepreneurial skills such as taking initiative, responsibility, and bring your ideas into action will increase through this and in our work on providing other people with our ideas. We also develop our curiosity, self-reliance, creativity, and ability to work in groups.

The pupils come from four different countries geographically spread in Europe. Through this work together, we will also develop our social skills and become more familiar with European values. We will realise that it doesn't matter what country you live in when it comes to climate work. We can all make a difference. Participating countries are Romania, Portugal, Germany, and Sweden, geographically spread throughout Europe with pupils in the ages of 6-15. No matter where we live we all have to change our way of spending resources on the earth.

Creating innovative recycling by crafting will not only help the earth to become a better place but will also help pupils to focus better and thus be able to more easily reach the goals of the school´s curriculum. We will also get knowledge about the countries' cultural heritage through crafts and by that experience a natural affinity with our partner countries. The pupils will work in workshops with various crafts and use their practical skills to design and create products out of waste materials. The work will be useful for other people through the app, Innovative Recycling, that we will create. The purpose of the app is to work as a bank of ideas about what to do with your old and worn materials.

The long-termed benefit will be pupils, with entrepreneurial and social skills with deeper knowledge about climate changes and other countries' cultural heritage, well prepared for their future life.

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